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Recruitment Services & Career Development

Entering this new age job market can be very overwhelming for many. When transitioning into a new role within a new company, it can be challenging for some professionals to adjust. New expectations, responsibilities, and following protocols for COVID, in some cases, might be a bit overwhelming and can lead to burnout faster than their old position. That’s why HCCG-LLC offers professionals highly effective help for career development; valuable skills that will help to navigate the market’s best opportunities, negotiate the best compensation and most importantly align you with professional opportunities that yield long-term professional development. Stay ahead of a competitive job market, and speak to one of our representatives about candidate professional services we offer.

We represent elite professionals (Entry level to C- Level Executives) across the spectrum of:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Administrative

Aligning Career Opportunities That Will Facilitate Your Career Growth

HC Consulting Group’s Process for Candidate Career Transition and Career Development:

  • Identify an Ideal Career Path
  • Assess Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA)’S Within Current Field
  • Determine the Best Organizational “Fit” (Management Style, Culture, Industry, Career Projector)
  • Conduct Extensive Preparation/Career Analysis
  • Present for Positions/Clients Best Suited To Career Path Professionals to Hiring Authority
  • Provide Frequent Updates throughout the Placement Process
Staffing Agency in Alexandria, VA

Establishing Mutual Interest Phase:

- Extensive Reference Cross-References
- Preliminary Background Checks
- Compensation & Benefits Negotiations
- Assist in Transition and Onboarding of the New Employee
- 30-60-90-day QC Checkpoint with Client/Candidate(s)

Client Industries We Work In:

Fortune 500, Government, Nonprofits, Associations, Credit Unions, Real Estate, Architecture, Construction, Hospitality, DC Public and Charter Schools, Fairfax County Public Schools, Accounting Firms, Publicly-traded Companies