Recruitment Services & Career Development

Entering this new age job market can be very overwhelming for many. When transitioning into a new role within a new company, it can be challenging for some professionals to adjust. New expectations, responsibilities, and following protocols for COVID, in some cases, might be a bit overwhelming and can lead to burnout faster than their old position. That’s why HCCG-LLC offers professionals highly effective help for career development; valuable skills that will help to navigate the market’s best opportunities, negotiate the best compensation and most importantly align you with professional opportunities that yield long-term professional development. Stay ahead of a competitive job market, and speak to one of our representatives about candidate professional services we offer.

We represent elite professionals (Entry level to C- Level Executives) across the spectrum of:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Administrative

We offer staffing agency and recruiting and workforce services to help facilitate all aspects of transitioning roles.

Aligning Career Opportunities That Will Facilitate Your Career Growth

HC Consulting Group’s Process for Candidate Career Transition and Career Development:

  • Identify an Ideal Career Path
  • Assess Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA)’S Within Current Field
  • Determine the Best Organizational “Fit” (Management Style, Culture, Industry, Career Projector)
  • Conduct Extensive Preparation/Career Analysis
  • Present for Positions/Clients Best Suited To Career Path Professionals to Hiring Authority
  • Provide Frequent Updates throughout the Placement Process

Establishing Mutual Interest Phase:

  • Extensive Reference
  • Cross-References
  • Preliminary Background Checks
  • Compensation & Benefits Negotiations
  • Assist in Transition and Onboarding of the New Employee
  • 30-60-90-day QC Checkpoint with Client/Candidate(s)

Client Industries We Work In:

  • Fortune 500
  • Government
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Credit Unions
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • DC Public and Charter Schools
  • Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Accounting Firms
  • Publicly-traded Companies