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Strategic Recruiting and Workforce Solutions for Clients Across the U.S.

HC Consulting Group-LLC (HCCG LLC) specializes in matching employers with the ideal candidates to help them achieve their business goals. Through our strategic services of recruiting and staffing, contract staffing, and administrative staffing, employers have access to pre-screened, qualified talent that fits their available roles. Our mission is to provide innovative workforce solutions to improve human capital efficiency. We understand how extensive and time-consuming the hiring process can be; therefore, we work hard to alleviate the stresses, burdens, and complexities associated with the hiring and onboarding of new talent.

Today’s market is highly competitive for both employers and job applicants. Our staffing agency assists both companies and qualified job seekers in identifying the best opportunities for them. We offer Direct Hire, Contract to Hire, Temporary (Temp) Hire, and Retained Search Services for professional roles in Accounting & Finance, IT & Technology and Administration.

Our Services

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Recruiting & Staffing

We understand how much work it is to search for the ideal employees. We are here to ease your workload and simplify your life. By handling your recruiting, hiring, and staffing responsibilities, we free up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. While you are busy running your business, our team is hard at work finding ideal candidates that blend perfectly into your workplace culture.

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Contract Staffing

Using contract staff is an efficient way to increase your manpower without going through a long and laborious hiring process that’s often required for permanent employees. We can quickly help you get the people you need in the positions that must be filled. It’s a route that saves your company both time and money as we do the prep work for you promptly and effectively.

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Administrative Staffing

Administrative work requires an organized mind and a love of structured environments. Allow us to screen potential candidates and present you with the people most qualified to accelerate your business goals. We’ve taken the time to vet our prospects and are confident we can find the right individual for your organization.

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Performance Workshops

As your consultants, we assist you with implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives, reviewing your team’s infrastructure to optimize your human capital, and designing strategies for future success. Our workshops are:
- Interactive, Engaging, and Relevant to Your Industry
- Helpful in Increasing Employee Competence & Accountability
- Reported to Reduce Turnover & Absenteeism
- Designed to Improve Hiring Decisions & Employee Engagement

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Presentations & Training

We use innovative research and data analytics to customize training that is tailored to the needs of your team. The critical business aspects we address are growth, sustainability, and employee performance through training that address:
- Business Productivity & Leadership Competence
- Realizing Individual Employee Potential
- Reducing Employee Turnover
- Self-Insight & Employee Leadership Capabilities
- The Negative Impact of Confirmation & Affinity Bias
- Cultivating Respectful, Diverse, & Inclusive Environments
- Improving Motivation & Effective Communication
- Managing Individuals with Different Value Systems & Preferred Workplace Settings
- Leadership & Team Dynamics
- Job Complexities that Impact Communication, Problem Solving, & Decision Making
- Identifying Team vs. Employee Strengths & managing Weaknesses Associated with Certain Behaviors
- Understanding Unintended Consequences & Hidden Barriers to Success due to Negative Culture

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Personalized Hiring Approach

Your business is unique and your time is valued. Therefore, you have unique needs and goals when it comes to the employees you hire. For this reason, HC Consulting Group-LLC has never offered a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we take the time to understand your one-of-a-kind objectives, allowing us to efficiently source the perfect professionals to complement your vision, your existing workforce, and the personality of your workplace.

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